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Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 37: The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

But how old was Ariel when she had Melody?: Our 37th Movie!

1. What movie did you watch?
The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea. The film was released in 2000, and starred Jodi Benson reprising her role as Ariel. Fun Fact: the movie is listed among the 50 worst children's movies ever made.

2. Have you seen it before/ how long has it been since you last saw it?
Maddie: Yes, I used to watch it a lot when I was younger but haven't in years now.
Alexis: I also used to watch it a lot when I was little but I haven't seen it since VHS's went out of fashion, because I only had it on tape!

3. What memories did it recall?
Maddie: It used to be on Disney Channel ALL the time, so I remember watching it there, but otherwise nothing specific.
Alexis: My sister and I used to have the best CD-ROM computer game that went with this movie! It had great games on it, like diving for shells and trying to complete a maze to get the trident, I remember them all very vividly because we used to play it all the time!

4. What did you think of it?
Maddie: I liked it! I think that the music is very fun and the animation is good (not up to their usual but that's okay). The story seems a bit ridiculous at times- literally Melody is pissed so she gives Morgana the Trident even though she knows she shouldn't- but overall a fun little movie!
Alexis: I really liked it, I think it's very good in terms of sequels. The animation doesn't look cheesy, and I think the story is well done. I love finding out what happened after Ariel and Eric's happily ever after!

5. Favorite moment:
Maddie: I really like the introduction of Tip and Dash, particularly Dash- when I was younger I did a report of Walruses and have loved them ever since- so he's a shoe in for favorite. I think their song, "Titanic Tip and Daring Dash: Adventurers/Explorers" is great. they were very Timon and Pumba (who served as inspiration) and that's fine with me!

Alexis: I also really liked Tip and Dash! They're so sweet and cute, and such good friends to Melody. I remember always laughing at their scenes when I was little. I also really enjoyed all the musical numbers, especially "For a Moment". The music is great for a sequel Disney film!

6. Any other comments:
Maddie: I'm very confused by what ocean- sorry SEA (they literally never call it the ocean)- they lived in! Atlantica seems to be a very tropical environment but they also very easily get to the Arctic where Morgana lives- color me confused.


Alexis: I had many questions surrounding this movie, such as why Eric doesn't need a jacket in the arctic weather? Also, if Ariel was 16 in the first movie, how long did they wait to have Melody? Was Ariel technically a teen mother? These are important questions! 

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