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Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 10: Sleeping Beauty

  In which we learn the lesson, only talk to strangers when they're hot! Our 10th movie!!

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron in a Disney Dream Portrait
David Beckham in a Disney Dream Portrait
1. What movie did you watch?
Sleeping Beauty.  The film is based on "La Belle au bois dormant" by Charles Perrault.  It took almost an entire decade to produce, and it was the last Disney animated film to use hand-inked cells. It looks a bit different from the other fairy tale movies, Snow White and Cinderella, because Walt Disney wanted it to stand out, and was inspired by medieval art.  Fun Fact: this was the last fairy tale produced by Walt Disney before his death. Because of its original disappointment at the box office, Disney did not return to fairy tales until 1989 when it made the Little Mermaid. 

2. Have you seen it before/ how long has it been since you last saw it?
Maddie:  This is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time (it's also my mother's favorite). So I've seen it countless times:
I would say the most recent time was over the summer. So, a couple months ago. But I listen to the soundtrack all the time.

Alexis: I watched it many times as a kid, but the last time I've seen it completely was four or five years ago.
3. What memories did it recall?
Maddie: It recalled a lot of memories! Mainly of watching the movie with my mom! It was (is) her favorite thing to watch with me. A more recent memory is that of my high school graduation. I need to preface this with the fact that I have a love of Disney animation so much that I see the artwork as something that I will be collecting for the rest of my life. So, my parents started my collection for me by getting me two sketches from this movie. One of Aurora and one of Maleficent. They are some of my most prized possessions.

Alexis: I have many good memories that I associate with this movie!  So the last time I watched this, it was on a car ride with my family friends from Ohio to Chicago.  My dad was driving and my friends' dad was in the front with him, while my sister, myself, and our friends were in the back watching Disney movies.  We got to Sleeping Beauty and when Once Upon A Dream came on, my dad insisted on singing to it which led to a beautiful yet hilarious duet between him and my friend. I'm pretty sure it turned into a full on sing along.  We still laugh about it. 

4. What did you think of it?
Maddie: In case you couldn't tell, I LOVED it. Eyvind Earl's art (the man who did the background and concept art, he was trained by Mary Blair) is absolutely stunning, which is a large reason I love watching this movie over and over. I constantly catch new subtleties in it that always astound me.

Alexis: When it comes to Disney princess movies, this one comes in second only to Beauty and the Beast in my opinion.  I love the story, and the characters are great.  The fairies are awesome because they serve a comedic purpose with all of their mishaps and sassy comments, however they're also pretty badass when helping Phillip escape.  I like Phillip, he's my favorite Disney Prince.

5. Favorite moment:
Maddie: When I was little I LOVED the fairies, and thought it was hilarious when they would bicker and change the color of Aurora's dress. so, my favorite moment has always been the very end when they were changing it as she was dancing with Phillip:
I also just love how sassy and inept the fairies are! Flora is the sassy leader and it's great!

Alexis: My favorite part is the Once Upon A Dream scene in the woods.  The way they dance is lovely.  The part where he joins in and replaces the animals is one of my favorite moments because of the look on her face, and the fact that he heard her singing and thinks she's beautiful, and just wants to dance with her.. it just makes me so happy!

6. Any other comments:
Maddie: Did you know that they used the same animation form Aurora and Phillip's first dance together and used the same piece of dancing for Beauty and the beast at the end after the Beast has changed and he and Belle are dancing? Disney does this often! They also reused dancing animation from Snow White!

Alexis: Malificent is fantastic.  I once told my sister that she is my best friend.  She is my favorite Disney villain, and I will argue that she is the most badass of them all.  She can turn into a freakin dragon.  Enough said.  

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