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Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 1: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It's to watch the first movie we go!

Olivia Wilde and Alec Baldwin in Disney Dream Portraits
Rachel Weisz in Disney Dream Portaits

1. What movie did you watch?
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  This was Walt Disney's first feature film: before then the studio had focused mainly on shorts.  The film originally premiered in 1937 but was not released nationwide until 1938.  It was based on the original fairy tale Snow White by the Brothers Grimm, which was published in 1812 in Germany. Fun fact: in the original fairy tale, the famous line said by the Evil Queen is "Magic Mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?", and it was changed by Disney to say "Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?".   

2. Have you seen it before/ how long has it been since you last saw it?
Maddie: I saw it a very long time ago, and watched clips during my History of Media Arts class last year, but hadn't seen the full length movie in YEARS. I do know I own it on DVD, though.  

Alexis: I also can't remember how long it's been!  I know that I've seen parts of it on TV within the past few years (gotta love ABC family's Disney weekends) but I don't believe I've seen the full movie since I was very young.  It's actually much longer than I remembered! 

3. What memories did it recall?
Maddie: Largely, it recalled memories of two things a) how terrified I was of the Evil Queen and b) how AMAZING Dopey is. I remembered being scared of the Evil Queen in the past, but it seeing it again, I questioned how I watched it as a child. She is just plain scary! I mean, look at her:

Also, Dopey's amazingness is magnified when you are older and have the realization: Dopey is essentially a dog. This is kind of sad, but also hilarious. I'd kiss that bald head any day!

Lastly, I was TERRIFIED of that ride at Disneyland. The thing is, Disney KNEW it was scary, after all, they called it Snow White's Scary Adventure! Geez, Disney, way to scar a girl!

Alexis: I am SO GLAD that you brought up Snow White's Scary Adventures, because that ride was freakin insane!  Although it's gone at Disney World now from what I've heard, and that's so sad.  I also had memories of being terrified by the evil witch.  But not as scared as my sister always was of her!  Also, I had forgotten how truly adorable all the animals are!

I loved animals as a kid (still do) but the cleaning scene where they help Snow was one of my favorites when I first saw it.

4. What did you think of it?
Maddie: I enjoyed the movie more than I expected to! Although,as Alexis mentioned earlier, it was way longer than expected. Also, the whole huntsman business and her getting to the dwarfs' cottage happened only eleven minutes into the movie, which was way faster than I was expecting! Color me pleasantly surprised. 

Alexis: I really enjoyed it!  I thought all the animation was really done, especially when you consider that it was done in the 1930s!  I said to Maddie that we'll be alive when the movie turns 100!  MIND BLOWN!  But overall I liked it, even if there were some slow parts. 

5. Favorite moment:
Maddie: As odd as this may sound, my favorite part was the opening and reading of the book in the very beginning of the movie. It gave me that rush of excitement that I so closely associate with that kind of movie and my childhood. I love how all the old movies do this at the beginning. It just brought me back in a really nice way. I guess I'm just a sap? But proud of it! 

Alexis: I really can't pick a favorite, I'm undecided between two!  The first one is the dancing scene between the Dwarfs and Snow in the cottage.  It's such a cute scene, everyone is singing and dancing and it's just such fun to watch!  My other favorite scene is the very end when the Prince finally arrives and kisses her: classic moment! 

6. Any other comments:
Maddie: I must say this movie had one true moral, that Snow White is just too much of a dumb ass to follow:

In addition, I must say that after having just finished a marathon of Once Upon a Time, Alexis and I are in agreement that this huntsman is on the disappointing side, just look at him:

Alexis will show you our beloved Graham. But in the end, a very enjoyable way to kick off the project!

Alexis: Oh God, Graham!  Ugh I love him, here is one of the many glorious pictures:

Look at that face!  Also, I'd like to take this time to recommend Once Upon a Time.  It's a really fun show to watch, Maddie and I just marathoned it all in order to finish before the season 3 premiere! 
But I'll end with the same sentiment as Maddie: Snow White was a classic and a great way to start of this project!  Until next time!

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